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A healthy body and mind is important to the everyday quality of life. Everyone should be made available to the resources needed to either maintain or improve their quality of life. It is asked in the book Corintians by the author Paul Saul, Do you not know that your bodies are temples...

Botanist have been using the woods and forest of the world to discover new and old species of trees and foliage where their fruitage has proven to be for food and their leafage for healing.

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Crusible with herbal medicine
The herbal medicine being prepared here comes from the plant Botany Maximus deep from the woods in Northwestern Canada.

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E.E. Cummings Tulips & Chimneys $2,000.00 $2,642.00
Charles d'Orleans Poems $5,866.00
T.S. Eliot Poems 1909 - 1925 $1,250.00 $8,499.25
Sylvia Plath The Colossus $1,031.72

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